What is it about?

if you decide to apply the dryproofing measures, your intention is to keep the flood water out of your property. 


There are two main type of dryproofing measures being sealing and shielding. 


measure main characteristics techniques available

The building is sealed i.e. the external walls are used to hold back the flood water water resistant concrete “Weisse Wanne”
polymer bitumious seal “Schwarze Wanne“
protection (sealing) of the openings
installing non-return valves (anti-flooding device) within the private sewage system as a protection from the sewerage backflow

The floodwater does not reach the building itself. Barriers are installed at some distance from the building or a group of properties flood barriers


System/ Products available

There is a great variety of the products and systems available. Please check the corresponding pages on sealing and shielding to find out more on the available technology.


In general those measures are more cost intensive that the wetproofing ones, and can cause some stability problems if not designed and applied properly. In order to learn more about the single constrains of different dryproofing strategies and techniques, pleasetake a look at the corresponding pages within Tutorial.

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