Flood Damage to Buildings



The ultimate criteria for definition of flood damage are changes in the quality of living in the the buildings, which is an individual standard for different people. There are two basic criteria for degradation of living quality:


  1. functionality of the building item/element can not be guaranteed

  2. esthetical qualities of the building fabric are reduced

Analysing the factors defining the functionality of built environment (the building elements) the main factors are identified as:


-         static or stability role


-         insulation (heat, moisture, acoustic)


-         physical protection of atmospheric influences (e.g. the protection role of the exterior walls against wind, precipitation etc)


For each of the criteria a state of the threshold value can be assessed i.e. the state at which the system has irreversible deformation and can not be used (repaired) at all.


The esthetical aspects are reflected in the following factors:

-         optic; i.e. visual defects


-         indoor climate; temperature and humidity, odour in the building