Welcome to Flood Resilience Portal

 Welcome to the Flood Resilience Portal, the platform that can help you learn about your own flood risk and what you can do about it.


The topic of flood risk management is increasingly being on the agenda of academic and governmental institutions, aiming at development of strategies and tools that would improve management of flood risk, emphasizing the importance of the built environment.


This platform is result of the research work on Flood Risk Management over the past years performed at the Institute of River& Coastal Engineering from the TUHH and is being steadily improved. It should help you on protecting your own built environment. Surpassing simply raising risk awareness, it aims at building your capacity to actively take your role in Flood Risk Management. It is about active learning by providing you with the knowledge to participate in the decision making process on risk management of your properties and teaching you how to behave adequately by means of interactive tools, workshops or dialogue.


You can get learn about your own flood risk and what you can do about it and at the same time it will help us improving the platform delivering you more tailored information.

Get ready to become flood manager of your own property and at the same time acquire the chance to participate in the future oriented research on flood risk!


Help us to bring our built environment to the road to flood resilient cities!


In order to log in to FLORETO and assess your own please click here.


Floreto is alive! Sunday 20. of September 2009 Age: 13 yrs

Flood Resilience Tool is online. Check if you live in flood prone area and learn what you can do about it.

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